AccessNI criminal records checks



An AccessNI check provides details of an individual's criminal record and, for certain jobs, relevant police information and/or information held by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) to help you recruit suitable staff.

The check (known as the certificate) is sent to the applicant only.

All applications must be submitted to AccessNI using the online portal on the nidirect website. Employers who countersign and submit applications online will be able, through the case tracking system, where they have submitted an application online, to find out when certificates have been issued by AccessNI and to determine if there is no information recorded in the certificate.

Where information is disclosed in the check, you will have to contact the applicant and ask them to provide you with a copy of this if they wish to continue with the recruitment process.

This guide explains who needs to apply and the types of AccessNI checks that are available. There are also details about the application process including the costs and how long checks take as well as how to apply for an AccessNI criminal records check.

This guide also highlights whether to register your organisation with AccessNI or use a registered umbrella organisation to access the service - see how to register with AccessNI.

There is also guidance on employing someone with a criminal record and AccessNI checks for overseas applicants.