Adapt your business to climate change


Northern Ireland's climate is changing. Variability will continue from year to year, however some trends are likely to emerge. These include rising sea levels and more frequent extreme events such as heavy rain, stormy weather and excessive temperatures.

Climate change presents two main challenges to businesses. You will be expected to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions to prevent further changes, and to deal with existing, unavoidable changes to the climate. This guide gives advice on adapting your business to changing climate conditions.

Climate change is likely to affect all industry sectors although the scale of the effects on your business will depend on factors such as its activities and location.

Adapting your business could involve, for example, making changes to your premises, supply chain, working practices, or products and services so that you are better prepared for the effects of climate change.

This guide explains why businesses should adapt to the effects of climate change, what risks and opportunities may result from climate change and how you can manage these.