How to become a net zero business



Climate change is impacting us in Northern Ireland here and now, and it will affect all aspects of our lives in coming years.

Global, national and local action is being taken to reduce our impact on rising global temperatures driven by greenhouse gas emissions. In 2019, the UK became the first major economy to adopt a legal commitment to achieve ‘Net Zero’ carbon emissions by 2050. The Northern Ireland Assembly declared a climate emergency in 2020 and passed the Climate Change Act (Northern Ireland) 2022.

All parts of society can help to reduce global warming, and businesses can take a leading role by becoming net zero.

This guide explains what a net zero business is, what the advantages of becoming net zero are, helps you understand the terminology around carbon emissions and climate change, shows how to set targets to work towards and effectively monitor and report on progress, and points to support to help to become a net zero business.