Exporting to Australia

Advantages and challenges of exporting to Australia

There are advantages and disadvantages of doing business in Australia.

Advantages include:

  • the strong Australian dollar makes British products very affordable
  • proximity to Asia Pacific economies
  • familiar products and service providers
  • common language and similar culture
  • similar business and legal practices
  • similar technical standards
  • an extended period of strong economic growth
  • strong business and consumer base
  • strong technology sector
  • similar language, culture and business practices
  • high personal wealth
  • strong intellectual property (IP) protection

Challenges include:

  • Australia is approximately 24 hours away from the UK by plane
  • Australia covers three time zones and is as big as the USA
  • distances between capital cities are vast, eg Perth is nearly 3,300 kilometres from Sydney
  • Australia is between eight and 11 hours ahead of UK time
  • weather extremes in winter and summer can have an impact on businesses
  • doing business in Australia can be expensive due to the current exchange rate between the two countries