Networking for staff development

Advantages of international networking


Many businesses have international dimensions, eg foreign suppliers or customers, overseas branches or staff with a foreign background.

Some belong to international networks of similar businesses because it helps them to manage those international dimensions better and to benefit from them.

Benefits of international networks

Benefits of belonging to international networks can include opportunities to:

  • receive information on developments in an overseas industry/sector or market
  • set up staff exchanges to facilitate understanding, to help developing countries and to share practices and knowledge
  • engage in skills building and training processes, eg employment processes, export/import procedures
  • improve your understanding of regulations and documentation, eg for overseas customs or licensing authorities
  • meet potential overseas suppliers or new customers

Find out about Innovate UK Business Growth in Northern Ireland (previously known as Innovate UK EDGE).

A European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) is a legal framework that allows businesses in the European Union to establish links with each other and work together in business without losing their independence.

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