Waste reviews, policies and action plans

Business benefits of managing waste effectively


Managing your waste effectively will benefit your business directly by cutting your waste and costs.

The benefits you can expect from implementing a successful waste management policy and action plan include:

  • Saving money on what you buy. Using raw materials, packaging and equipment more efficiently means you won't have to buy as much.
  • Cutting your waste disposal costs. Efficient waste management will reduce the amount of waste your business produces - meaning less to get rid of.
  • Meeting your environmental obligations. Having effective policies and procedures in place should make it cheaper and easier for your business to comply with waste regulations.
  • Finding new sources of revenue. You may find that some of your waste products can even be sold to other businesses for them to reuse or recycle.

Make your business' senior management aware of these benefits - as you'll need their support to implement effective waste management policies and procedures.

If you incorporate your waste management policy into an environmental management system (EMS), every area of your business will benefit. This includes:

  • reduced environmental liability for your business
  • a boost to your business' image for being environmentally aware
  • raised staff morale and environmental awareness
  • systematic control of your individual waste issues
  • increased business opportunities - many large companies and government organisations won't work with a business that doesn't have an EMS in place