Grow your business successfully

Business growth and premises


Business growth often leads to more staff, expanding operations or increased production. This, in turn, can easily create a situation where you outgrow your current business premises.

Find larger business premises

Several options exist to help you meet the demands of your growing business. You could, for example:

  • rent new property
  • buy new property
  • extend or alter your current premises

You may need planning permission if you're thinking of extending or altering your premises. The building work may also disrupt your operations and may not always be possible. 

There are pros and cons to both renting and buying business premises:

Buying business premises

Buying requires a major commitment but gives you greater stability than renting. It's often an expensive investment and will require some ongoing funds for repairs, maintenance and similar. Read more about buying business property.

Renting business premises

Renting can provide more flexibility for your business as it grows. Depending on your rental agreement, you may need permission to alter or improve the premises. You may also be liable for the rent for the entire period of the lease, even if circumstances change and you need to move on. However, renting typically ties up less capital than buying and can free up funds that could be used elsewhere in the business. See more on renting commercial property.

When considering your needs for new premises, consider if different ways of working - for example, outsourcing certain processes - could reduce space requirements. You should carefully consider any change in your working practices, eg weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing.

Managing the move to new premises

If you decide to move to new business premises, you will want to minimise disruption. Have a clear plan for moving. Provide instructions to staff and create a consistent labelling and packing system. You could hire a professional removals firm. This may minimise legal risks of personal injury or property damage.