Property changes and business rates

Business rates: changes to your existing property or business


The rateable value of a business property is based on its open market rental value at a set date. Changing your business premises can affect the rental value and so affect the rateable value. For example, the rateable value might increase if you build an extension, install air conditioning, or upgrade the property in some way. Changing what you do or diversifying your business can also affect the rateable value of your property. For example, if you start using part of your premises as a shop - instead of as a warehouse - the rental value might increase

Planning permission

You should check whether you need planning permission and building regulations approval before making any changes to your business property.

Property valuation reviewed

You should inform Land & Property Services (LPS) if you make any changes to your business property. If you don't, you might later face a backdated increase in your rates bill. The most common alterations to properties include:

  • extending a property
  • sub-dividing property
  • demolishing part of a property

You can apply to have the valuation of an individual property reviewed because you believe the valuation is incorrect; because there has been a change that might affect the value of the property; or because you want to apply for a valuation-related relief or allowance.

How to apply

By applying online

You will start by finding the property’s valuation. You can search for your property by postcode, via the map, or by using the advanced search option. Once you find your property you can use this service to apply for a valuation review.

To submit your application you also need to include:

  • Your contact details
  • The reason for your application
  • The owner and occupier details (if different from applicant)

Find a current property valuation and apply for a non-domestic valuation review.

After submitting your application

You will receive an acknowledgement email within 15 minutes of submission and a confirmation email within 24 - 48 hours which will contain your application reference number and next steps.

If you are applying for a valuation-related relief or allowance you may receive a link to a questionnaire in your confirmation email. This questionnaire must be completed and returned within two weeks of submitting your application for a valuation review.

By post or email

You can apply for a domestic or non-domestic valuation review by post or email by filling in the Review of Property Valuation (CR3) form (PDF, 1.5MB). The return address and email information can be found on the form.

A valuation review can take around 90 days to complete. A member of LPS Valuation will contact you in due course to discuss your application and arrange an inspection of the property if this is needed.

Once a decision on the valuation of the property is made, a Certificate of Valuation will be issued to you. If the valuation increases or decreases, the impact on your rate bill will be assessed and a revised rate bill will be issued.

Appeal your rating valuation

You can appeal this decision within 28 days or if you wish to, you can employ a rating agent, at your own cost, to act on your behalf and handle any queries about your rateable value.

Historic property valuations

LPS also allows you to check a previous property valuation (1 April 2007 to 31 March 2023) for your non-domestic property.

Check a historic property valuation.

Queries on your business rates

If you have a query regarding your business rates you should contact Land & Property Services.