Setting up and running a caravan site

Caravan site licensing


If you use any of your land as a caravan site, either for residential or holiday use, you must apply for a caravan site licence from the local council where the land is located.

How to apply for a caravan site licence

In order to obtain a caravan site licence, you must:

  • apply in writing to your local council
  • specify the land you intend to use as a caravan site
  • send the district council any information they require - eg scaled plans of the site layout
  • pay the relevant fee
  • have planning permission to operate a caravan site on the land
  • not have had a licence revoked within the previous three years

To apply for a caravan site licence, you should contact your local council.

Caravan site licence conditions

Once you have obtained a licence, you should be aware of the caravan site licence conditions and exemptions that you must comply with. These may change depending on the land and the local council's requirements. There are also some cases where you may be exempt from the requirement to have a licence for your caravan site, though you should check this with your local council.