E-marketplaces, online auctions and exchanges

Catalogues and directory listings


Catalogues and directories are used in many e-marketplaces, providing searchable databases of information about suppliers, products and services.


There are various types of catalogues including:

  • lists of general product information
  • detailed product information
  • information sources
  • promotional catalogues

Pricing information is sometimes only available to the registered user of the e-marketplace.

Some e-marketplaces provide a single catalogue of all suppliers and products, while others have links to individual supplier catalogues.

With e-marketplace catalogues, customers can research a wide range of products and suppliers from a central source. They can then buy in one transaction from a single website.


Some e-marketplaces offer a directory of suppliers listed by products or services provided, with links to supplier websites. If you are listed in a directory, make sure your company is in the right industry sector, and that you are in all relevant listings. This will help customers find you and improve your website's search engine rankings.