How to manage your patents

Changing and updating your patent


A patent gives you certain legal protection for your invention. To maintain this protection, you must keep your patent details up to date. For example, you must tell the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) if you change your name or address, or the ownership of your patent changes hands.

Changing your name or address

To change the patent holder's name and/or address as recorded in the IPO's patent register, you must request the correction of name and address on patent.

Changing the ownership of your patent

If you assign ownership of your patent application to another party, for example through business sale or merger, you need to let the IPO know. Register a change in ownership of rights of a patent.

Changing or appointing an attorney

If you decide to change the agent for your patent, you must ask the IPO to amend your agent details, including their name and their contact address for service. Find forms to appoint or change an agent.

Correcting an error in your patent

If you made an error in your original patent application, you can correct it by writing to the IPO. You can request a correction before or after a patent is granted. You can correct errors in:

  • your patent
  • your patent application
  • the register of patents
  • any connected document

Amending your patent after grant

To change a patent after it's granted you must prepare electronic versions of:

  • your patent documents with changes highlighted
  • an explanation of why you're making the change
  • supporting documents to explain how the error happened

Find out how to make amendments to your patent after the grant. You should follow a different process if you are changing your patent to overcome an objection (known as section 75).

As well as keeping your patent details up to date, you will also have to pay annual renewal fees to maintain the validity of your patent. Make sure that you pay your fees on time as firm timescales and rules apply for renewing your patent.