Computer health and safety at work



Employees who regularly work with display screen equipment (DSE) such as computers - also known as visual display units (VDUs) - may be at risk of getting aches and pains. These injuries normally affect the hands, arms, neck or back. They are especially at risk if they work for long uninterrupted periods. These upper limb disorders may become persistent or even disabling if they are not reported and treated early.

Workers using DSE for long periods are also at risk of temporary eyestrain and related problems such as headaches, stress and back pain. This could lead to time off work and lost productivity.

Under health and safety law, employers have a duty to reduce risks to staff using DSE.

This guide outlines how to create comfortable working conditions for computer users through good workplace design. It will tell you how to set up good working practices for DSE work.

It also covers how to train employees to use computers safely.

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