Computer health and safety at work

Working conditions for computer users


The general conditions in the workplace also have an effect on the health and safety of display screen equipment users.

You need to assess:

  • Noise levels - the equipment shouldn't be so noisy that it distracts the user. If you can't use quieter equipment, consider soundproofing or moving the equipment. You could use sound-insulating partitions between noisy equipment and the rest of the workstation as an alternative.
  • Lighting - surrounding windows must have curtains or blinds which users can adjust to prevent reflected glare. If needed, provide users with lighting appropriate to their tasks and particular workstation. Users should have control over their lighting to prevent reflected glare.
  • Temperature - the equipment should not give out so much heat that the user becomes uncomfortable.
  • Humidity - it's important that you maintain ventilation and humidity at a level which keeps the user comfortable.

For further information on how you can maintain a healthy working environment, see what workplace facilities do you need to provide?