Monitoring and metering your energy use

Energy meters and data collection techniques


There are different types of energy meter available and some make monitoring energy usage easier and faster.

You can use the data to:

  • quickly identify unexpected or excessive energy use
  • highlight opportunities for reducing costs

When you read an energy meter, you should bear in mind that electricity is measured by the number of kilowatt hours (kWh) passing through the meter, while gas is measured by the volume delivered to your site.

Types of energy meter

There's a wider range of energy meters and data collection techniques for electricity than for other utilities. Electricity consumers have more opportunities to get accurate billing and easy access to their consumption data to identify waste.

As well as on-site meters, other metering options you could consider include:

  • smart meters
  • sub-meters
  • automated meter reading
  • building energy management systems suitable for large energy users