Estimate your rate bill

This guide will help you get an indication of what your business rate bill might be for 2019-20.

Rates in respect of non-domestic properties eg businesses and offices will continue to be based on the rental value of your property.

Net Annual Value (NAV)

To calculate your rate bill, firstly you need to know the NAV-based valuation of your non-domestic property to input into the rates calculator.

Find the NAV of your business property.

Find your NAV on a map.

Rates calculator

Land & Property Services (LPS) provide Northern Ireland businesses with a calculator to estimate your rate bill.

Rates calculator

For an overview of non-domestic rates, seeĀ business rates: the basics.

If you have a query regarding your business rates you should contact Land & Property Services.

LPS is currently revaluing all business properties in Northern Ireland. These new values will be used to calculate rate bills for businesses and organisations from April 2020.

The short video below explains the revaluing process, known as Reval2020, and how LPS calculate your business rates bill.