Find new business opportunities



Finding business opportunities and acting on them is a key to a successful enterprise. You do not need a large corporate-sized advertising and marketing budget to be able to compete for and win business. Simply keeping an eye on the market and looking out for new opportunities can help you grow and increase profit.

You must be clear about what you want to achieve with your business. You also need to be able to differentiate your business from your competitors. Research your marketplace, understand your product or service and know why people would want to buy from you.

This guide outlines what you can do to identify new business opportunities and how you can compete to win business. It tells you how to grow your business organically and use a SWOT analysis to find business opportunities.

Support to grow and scale

You can get free advice and guidance from your local council to help you grow your business and scale up operations. To request support, complete a short enquiry form or call the Go Succeed helpline on Tel 0800 027 0639.