Food and drink business water efficiency



Businesses in the food and drink industry often use large quantities of water during their production processes.

By reducing the quantity of water you use and the wastewater you need to dispose of you could save significant amounts of money. Using water efficiently can also enable your business to operate more effectively and improve your reputation with stakeholders - including customers, staff, investors and the public. This can help you market your environmental credentials and may open up new business opportunities.

Using a systematic approach - rather than a series of one-off improvements - should help you make greater savings and benefit on an ongoing basis. You could do this as part of a formal environmental management system or by setting up a water minimisation programme.

This guide looks at how businesses in food and drink processing industries can reduce the cost of water use and wastewater disposal. It includes information for businesses that process fruit, vegetables, poultry and fish, and those that operate abattoirs and breweries.