Compressed air energy efficiency

How to maintain your compressed air system


A well-maintained compressed air system needs less energy to deliver the required pressure. There are some straightforward measures you can take to keep your system running smoothly, such as:

  • changing filters regularly
  • keeping all components clean
  • removing little-used or redundant pipework
  • reducing the amount of air compressed

Compressed air system maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance is scheduled maintenance that's carried out regardless of whether there is a fault in the system. This type of maintenance is essential for the long-term reliability and energy-efficient operation of your compressed air system.

Breakdown maintenance is reactive and needs to be thought of as a temporary fix in response to a system fault or failure.

Compressed air maintenance checklist

An appropriate maintenance schedule that follows manufacturers' recommendations is an important tool for keeping the components of your compressed air system in the best possible condition. Your schedule is likely to include directions to:

  • use the 'listen, look and detect' method to find leaks and system damage
  • carry out a lubrication regime and make sure that oil coolers are working correctly
  • check and replace filters
  • carry out regular system checks
  • check drive belt tension and condition
  • check valve operation and condensate traps