Make yourself bankrupt

How to petition for your own bankruptcy


To apply to make yourself bankrupt, you will first have to complete two Insolvency Service forms:

  • The petition - form 6.30. This is your request to the High Court for you to be made bankrupt and includes the reasons for your request.
  • The statement of affairs - form 6.31. This shows all your assets, debts, the names and addresses of the creditors and the amount you owe each one. It also contains a statement of truth that you will need to sign and date before you are made bankrupt.

You will also have to pay a deposit of £525 towards the costs of administering your bankruptcy which is paid to the Insolvency Service, a branch within the Department for the Economy (DfE). The payment can be made in cash, cheque or postal order. Alternatively, you can also pay online.

Where to get the bankruptcy forms

The forms are free and you can get them from the High Court. Court staff can advise you on the High Court procedure and give you the forms you need, but they cannot give you legal advice.  You can also find bankruptcy forms online with the Insolvency Service.

Once you have completed the forms you will need to print them and take them to the High Court, along with a receipt of your deposit paid to the Insolvency Service.