How to set environmental performance targets



Being able to manage environmental issues is becoming increasingly important to businesses. For example, it can help you to comply with legislation, cut costs, take advantage of new business opportunities and make your business more attractive to stakeholders.

However, if you want to manage and communicate your environmental performance effectively, you should measure your performance in the areas you want or need to manage. You can measure your business' environmental credentials using key environmental performance indicators (KEPIs). KEPIs are quantifiable factors that you can use to track performance.

If your business is a listed company you must include relevant information in your business review. However, even if you do not have to report KEPIs, you may want to do so voluntarily to market your environmental credentials.

This guide describes how to gather and analyse environmental data and how you can use this information to produce environmental indicators. It also explains the different types of environmental indicators and how these can be used to improve the environmental performance of your business.