Process efficiency to cut waste

Improving our processes to reduce inefficiency and waste - Moy Park (video)

Case Study

Brian Johnston, Factory Manager at Moy Park, explains how they use Lean Thinking to improve process efficiency.

Moy Park, with processing sites in Craigavon, Dungannon and Ballymena, produces fresh poultry products for retailers and foodservice providers throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. Operating in a very competitive industry means improving efficiencies and reducing waste is critical - optimising production while reducing inputs such as energy effort and time.

Here Brian explains how Moy Park developed a system to give structured, sustainable improvements to their processes and flows - improving productivity while achieving zero waste to landfill.

Case Study

Brian Johnston

moy park

Brian's top tips:

  • "Select a pilot area to focus on - learn and apply those techniques well before applying across other parts of the business"
  • "Only use those lean manufacturing tools and techniques that are relevant to that specific area"
  • "The team need to be dedicated to ensure that whatever improvements are put in are sustained going forward"