Starting and running a food business

Inform customers of calories and allergens with MenuCal

The Food Standards Agency have launched a free tool to help businesses identify, manage and communicate allergen informations and display Calories on menus - MenuCal.

The tool allows food businesses to identify if there are allergens present in any of the food they serve and make this information known to their customers. MenuCal also addresses healthier eating by calculating the calories in the food that businesses serve. The tool enables food businesses to add ingredients for recipes and print off menus with allergen and calorie information clearly displayed.

MenuCal saves food businesses time and money as it ensures you easily meet the requirements on food allergens. It could also increase your profitability through appealing to health-conscious customers by helping you to: 

  • make smarter choices about the food you serve
  • tailor portion sizes to reduce the food’s energy value
  • change ingredients to give a healthier option