Managing employee use of social media



Social media connects millions of people across the world every day and has become an essential tool for businesses in marketing, sales, and brand awareness.

While the many benefits of using social media in your business are undeniable, it also presents you with potential challenges as an employer. Employee use of social media, both inside and outside the workplace, could expose your business to some serious legal problems.

Social media is also changing the way people interact and there are many ways that it is changing the nature of the relationship between employers and employees.

This guide provides advice on how to ensure your business can avoid these potential problems and focuses on the many aspects that impact the relationship with your employees including:

  • the recruitment process
  • discipline and grievance
  • inappropriate conduct
  • bullying and harassment
  • breach of confidentiality

It also provides guidance on how to develop a social media policy and how to deal with improper use of social media through disciplinary action.