Are you ready to export?

Is my product suitable for exporting?


It's essential to carry out thorough export market research before you start selling outside Northern Ireland. Entering new markets can boost your turnover and your profit. However, you need to plan carefully to minimise any risks to your business.

Establishing if your product is suitable for exporting

Start by making sure that:

  • there is a demand for your product in your target market
  • you understand who would buy it - and why
  • there is a route to market eg. via an agent or distributor
  • you understand how you will communicate with your customers - before, during and after the sale

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Understanding your market through export research

To gain this essential insight, you'll need:

  • to access market data on the potential size of your market
  • an understanding of the competitive situation in your target market
  • knowledge of how to communicate with your potential customers

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Invest Northern Ireland can provide access to detailed information for researching export markets and opportunities for all businesses in Northern Ireland. They can help with finding the market information needed to compete in a global marketplace. This includes offering information on sales leads, key markets and businesses. Read more about Invest NI research support.

Read Country guides: exporting to the EU and Country guides: exporting outside the EU.

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