Publishing and broadcasting

An overview of NI creative media industry


Northern Ireland boasts a dynamic cluster of companies who are working with global clients and international partners to deliver creative solutions within animation, audio technology, mobile content, e-learning and music.

The creative media sector in Northern Ireland comprises:

  • TV, film and radio
  • interactive media
  • animation and computer games
  • photo imaging
  • advertising and publishing

The animation sector is particularly strong in NI, supported by specialised graduate and undergraduate courses in computer animation for games, VFX, feature and TV animation.

Creative media opportunities

Opportunities exist for small production companies and freelancers (eg writers, presenters, producers, directors, camera operators and sound engineers).

For some years, TV in the UK has been undergoing a period of change that has led to a growth in the number of smaller independent production companies. Many popular TV shows now have interactive elements and websites, which has created many opportunities for new media businesses.

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Broadcasting opportunities

The UK has over 500 radio stations, some of which are operated by public charter, with others being independent. Some broadcast regionally, others broadcast nationally.

Businesses wishing to advertise on commercial TV or radio in the UK can contact the stations for a media pack to find out more about audience demographics and rates. You can find audience figures at other sources such as the Broadcasters' Audience Research Board (BARB) and Radio Joint Audience Research (RAJAR).

Those who work in broadcasting also need to be aware of legislation relating to taste and decency, and slander/defamation and discrimination. The Office of Communications (Ofcom) is the UK regulatory body for the media and telecommunications industry.