Protect your business against crime



Crimes committed against businesses can have a very high cost. Valuable stock and equipment are lost, business premises are damaged, and staff morale can be affected. In extreme cases, staff could be injured. Therefore, it makes sense to take the right security measures to protect your business from crime.

Minimise crime opportunities

The security measures you should take will depend on factors such as your business location, the type of goods you sell, the type of equipment you use, your trading hours, whether you handle cash, and the staff you employ. It is important that you are aware of how you can make it more difficult, riskier, and less profitable for criminals to target your business.

This guide explains the most common security issues your business is likely to face, your legal obligations, what you can do to prevent or deter crime, and where you can go for more information. There is guidance on carrying out a business security survey, how to secure your business premises and how to secure your business assets including cash and stock and theft prevention. In addition, this guide outlines how you can help to protect staff, using CCTV surveillance and reporting a crime against your business.

  • Crimestoppers
    0800 555 111
  • PSNI non-emergency helpline