Protect your business against crime

Secure your business premises


In order to protect your business property from crime, first carry out a business premises security survey. Once you have determined the main security risks to your business, you can decide what actions you should take.

Which security measures should I take?

The basic idea is to introduce measures that will delay and deter potential offenders from seeing your business as an easy target for crime. We have outlined below security measures that you could apply to protect your business:

Secure access points

Have strengthened doors fitted, ensure all windows have locks, install strengthened shutters, and ram raid barriers if necessary.

Secure the perimeter

Ensure gates are secure and fences aren't damaged or provide opportunities for access. Applying anti-climb measures can also be effective, however, you must have signs to state you have them installed.

Access control

Control access to the business by keeping a record of who has keys or passes and ensure employees that leave hand them back.


Install security lights at dark points that will come on when movement is detected.


Fit intruder alarms.

Secure property

Secure equipment with asset tags and record details of serial numbers. You should also consider securing devices such as laptops and tablets to larger equipment such as desks. Secure your business assets.

Stock control

Protect stock by keeping regular tabs on stock levels.

IT security

Address IT security issues such as hard-drive encryption, off-site data storage, and software security updates. Protect your business online.

Sensitive information

Carefully dispose of any sensitive documents or information by shredding sensitive paper waste.

Security cameras

Install CCTV surveillance and regularly check that your cameras are in full working order.

Any measures that you take should be legal, appropriate, realistic and cost-effective.

For further guidance on securing your business property see the National Security Inspectorate's workplace security safety guidance.

Professional security consultants can offer a comprehensive risk assessment of any premises and can recommend security measures to meet the risks faced.