Non-bank finance

Raising finance for our business - See.Sense. (video)

Case Study

See.Sense. is an electronic systems design company specialising in cycling lighting and technology applications. See.Sense. wanted to bring a new intelligent bicycle light through production to market, and considered funding options to achieve this.

See.Sense. co-founders Philip and Irene McAleese explain why crowdfunding was the perfect fit for their company and product, describe how early market testing and interaction with customers brought benefits to their design process, and talk through some of the benefits and potential drawbacks of a crowdfunding campaign.

Case Study

Philip and Irene McAleese

see.sense. on kickstarter

Philip and Irene's top tips:

  • "Spend time on making a great video about your product with a clear message about the benefits for your customers"
  • "Carefully consider which crowdfunding platform to use - pick something that's right for your product"
  • "Make sure your product is well developed with a good production plan, to deliver on the public promises you make"