Sales channels to reach your customers

Reaching customers overseas


Selling abroad presents a whole new series of opportunities but also challenges. For example:

  • Do you have the financial and other resources to exploit the market?
  • Have you done the necessary market research?
  • Do you understand local regulations?
  • How will you handle delivery and payment?
  • How will you provide after-sales service?

Selling directly to customers overseas requires you to deal with all these challenges yourself, but can be a relatively straightforward option. For example, you might set up an e-commerce website and accept overseas orders, or use trade shows to market your business overseas.

Alternatively, you may want to work with a distributor or agent who already has the local market knowledge and contacts that you need.

The most complex option - but potentially the most rewarding - can be to establish your own local presence. For example, you might open a local office or set up a joint venture.

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