Recruiting company directors



There are two types of company directors - executive directors deal with company operations, while non-executive directors help guide the overall direction of the business and perform certain monitoring and specialist functions.

All company directors must carry out their duties and responsibilities in accordance with the law and the objectives of the business. This guide outlines the types of director, their duties and employment status.

The most effective board of directors typically consists of a group of professionals who bring a breadth of skills, experience, contacts and diversity to your business. Choosing the right mix of personalities and skills for your board can improve your business' chances of success. As your company grows and changes, you may find you need to adjust the board's composition to meet changing needs and circumstances. This guide will help you with structuring a board of directors, choosing a director and how to recruit directors.

This guide also explains the rules around appointing and paying company directors and how you can effectively manage your company directors.

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