Reduce your business waste to save money



With the cost of goods and materials rising, using resources efficiently and reducing your business waste makes good financial sense. It's also better for the environment.

The cost of sending waste to landfill is increasing, and so are the restrictions on what you can send. You can face penalties if you do not handle waste appropriately or have the right paperwork before it leaves your premises.

You can save money and make your business more efficient by focusing on how you reduce your business waste, and how you deal with the waste that remains.

This guide explains your main options for reducing your business waste and identifies some of the key areas you could focus on.

Get a free sustainability report

All Northern Ireland businesses with an annual energy and resource spend of more than £30k can get a free assessment of their environmental performance across areas such as raw materials, energy, carbon, packaging, biodiversity and waste - find out more about Invest NI Sustainability Reports.