Set up an environmental management system



An increasing number of businesses are investing in an environmental management system. An environmental management system will help your business cut costs, comply with environmental legislation, reduce risks and improve its reputation.

Environmental management systems do this by providing a framework to monitor, manage and improve the environmental performance of your business. An environmental management system can be self-certified, however many businesses prefer to follow a formal standard such as ISO 14001, as this is more likely to be recognised by regulators, investors and customers.

This guide can help your business to set up an environmental management system. It focuses on the basics of an environmental management system, the advantages and disadvantages of using one, and communicating your system to gain buy-in. You will find advice on setting objectives and targets to measure and manage the most significant environmental aspects and impacts.

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All Northern Ireland businesses with an annual energy and resource spend of more than £30k can get a free assessment of their environmental performance across areas such as raw materials, energy, carbon, packaging, biodiversity and waste - find out more about Invest NI Sustainability Reports.