Taking commercial goods out of Northern Ireland in your baggage


Last updated 17 May 2021

Commercial goods, also known as Merchandise in Baggage, are goods (to sell or use in your business) where:

  • a commercial transport operator does not carry them for you 
  • you’ve travelled from Northern Ireland carrying goods in your baggage

There is a different way to declare goods that are for personal use or commercial goods you’re bringing into Northern Ireland in your baggage.

Moving goods from Northern Ireland to outside the EU

This process remains the same as before 1 January 2021.

Making a full declaration

You must submit a full export declaration if your goods:

  • have a value of more than £873
  • weigh more than 1,000kilograms
  • are restricted goods
  • are alcohol, tobacco or fuel (excise goods)
  • need a licence (controlled goods)
  • are being put into a customs special procedure

You must also submit a full declaration if you’re:

  • claiming relief
  • delaying paying duty

You or (someone dealing with customs for you) will need to:

  1. Get an EORI number

  2. Get access to the National Export System if you’re making a full export declaration

You’ll need software that works with CHIEF if you are making your own declaration.

Making an oral declaration

If you do not need to make a full declaration, you can make an oral declaration if the goods:

  • have a value of less than £873
  • weigh less than 1,000 kilograms
  • are not restricted goods
  • are not alcohol, tobacco or fuel (excise goods)

You can go through the red channel at the port to do this.

When you leave Northern Ireland

You’ll need to present your goods to the Border Force officer at the airport or port of departure 3 hours before you leave and either:

  • bring proof of your declaration
  • make a declaration in the red channel at the port

If there are no red channels at your port of departure

You will need to pre-lodge your goods by completing forms C1601 and C1602 into CHIEF.

National Clearance Hub will then automatically accept your goods at the port of departure.

If a customs agent has made a declaration on your behalf you need to contact them about any National Clearance Hub messages.

Moving goods from Northern Ireland to Great Britain

You do not need to make an import declaration if you carry commercial goods in your accompanied baggage from Northern Ireland to Great Britain.

This process is fully unfettered and remains the same as before 1 January 2021.

You do not need to make an export declaration, except in some very limited exceptions.