Choose a solicitor for your business

Ten questions to ask before hiring a solicitor


In order to find the best solicitor for your needs, try to find out the following about your prospective solicitor.

  1. Do they understand the nature of your business? If not, it's often helpful to provide them with a written summary.
  2. Is the solicitor happy to take you on as a client and comfortable with the work you want them to do?
  3. Are they qualified to act for you? Do they have a practising certificate issued by the Law Society of Northern Ireland and do they have suitable insurance to protect you in case anything should go wrong?
  4. What hourly rate will they charge?
  5. Do they think what you are looking to achieve is realistic? If so, will they outline the steps they think you need to take to achieve it?
  6. Will they explain things in clear, plain language and not confuse you with legal jargon?
  7. Will they provide you with real, practical solutions and not just a legal commentary on your case?
  8. Will they agree methods and frequency of keeping in contact, using face-to-face meetings, phone, letters or email?
  9. Can they provide you with a client-care letter that sets out their terms of business and complaints procedure?
  10. Can they outline what other services the firm may be able to provide as your business develops?

The Law Society of Northern Ireland has a searchable solicitor directory that you can use to find local solicitors.