Tender for public sector contracts in Northern Ireland



Tendering for contracts in the Northern Ireland public sector could allow your business to tap into a rewarding market. Public sector organisations need a wide range of goods and services, from large construction and maintenance contracts to furniture and fittings, catering and clothing.

The public sector is made up of organisations such as departments, their executive agencies and district councils. The Northern Ireland public sector buys a huge variety of products and services and provides a customer base that is stable and pays on time.

The Northern Ireland public sector spends more than £2 billion each year on a wide range of goods and services - it is likely your business has something to offer. When the public sector needs something, they advertise a tender and then award a contract to the winning supplier.

Northern Ireland has a central website for advertising and responding to public sector tenders - eTendersNI. Various other websites exist for public sector tenders outside of Northern Ireland.

Invest Northern Ireland also provides a tender alert service, which covers public sector tenders across all EU member states. For further information on this service call Tel 028 9069 8134 or email tenders@investni.com.

The guide tells you how to find out about public sector contracts in Northern Ireland. It takes you through the tender process in Northern Ireland and the public sector contract rules in Northern Ireland.

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