Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Types of PPE: hand and arm protection


Workers in many roles may come into contact with substances or conditions that pose a risk of harm to their hands or arms. If you can't reduce these risks in some other way, you must use personal protective equipment (PPE) to do so.

Risks to arms and hands

The types of hazard that may cause harm to the arms and hands include:

Types of hand and arm protection

The types of equipment that you might use to protect hands and arms include:

  • gloves
  • gauntlets
  • mitts
  • cuffs
  • armlets
  • elbow protectors

If your employees need PPE, you must give it to them free of charge. Self-employed people must get it for themselves.

What should I look for?

You need to ensure the equipment is up to the job and does not add to the risk. Consider what the wearer will need the equipment for and whether it is compatible with other equipment. Does it need to be fireproof or strong enough to prevent piercing by sharp objects, for example?

Ongoing considerations

Maintenance should include regular cleaning and checks for wear and tear. See maintain personal protective equipment.

Download a guide on hand-arm vibration (PDF, 269K).

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