Waste contractor's guide to recycling construction waste

Waste management at the start of construction projects


It is important to advise your customer about site waste practices at the beginning of a construction and demolition project. The earlier you can discuss this, the better for both parties. There are a number of ways in which you can advise your customers about waste management before or at the very beginning of a project. These include:

  • a video of waste and recycling services offered
  • visits to the materials recovery facility
  • assistance with their site waste management policy
  • offers of on-site waste management staff
  • pre-project meeting to assist in waste management planning

The process of getting to know waste should also start early in the supply chain. You could consider asking to evaluate building projects at tender stage and even at the planning stages. You should visit new construction and demolition sites to assess likely waste materials and to determine the likely sequence in which different waste types will arise.

You can use tools and methodologies, to predict the type and volume of waste materials likely to arise at each phase of a building project.