How to build and manage an effective team

What can cause a team to be ineffective?


Building and managing a team requires careful consideration and planning. It is not a one-off exercise - team building is a task that needs to be invested in for the long-term.

Things to avoid when building teams

There are many reasons why teamwork fails - examples include teams that:

  • lose focus on their purpose or goals
  • have individuals that are too similar in terms of skills and ways of thinking will not be able to reach their full potential
  • are made up of individuals that are uncompromising, confrontational and don't look to resolve disputes or find ways of working together with others
  • are dominated by one or two individuals
  • have individuals that won't take responsibility for their tasks leading to resentment and blame among team members
  • have individuals that don't share information
  • don't communicate effectively
  • don't look for a consensus when making decisions
  • lack openness and trust
  • aren't provided with the resources they need to get the job done
  • aren't fully supported by management

Find out the steps to building an effective team in the workplace.