Ecodesign and energy labelling in manufacturing

Which products need an energy label?


If you manufacture or sell certain household electrical equipment you must label it with its energy efficiency rating.

Known as the European Energy Label (EEL), electrical products that you must label include:

  • air conditioners
  • dishwashers
  • domestic ovens
  • fridges and freezers
  • lamps and luminaires
  • local space heaters
  • professional refrigerated storage cabinets
  • range hoods
  • solid fuel boilers
  • space heaters
  • televisions
  • tumble driers
  • tyres
  • ventilation units
  • washing machines
  • water heaters

EEL labels must show how energy efficient the appliance is and how much electricity the product uses in kilowatt hours. Ratings run from A-G, with A++ best (a green label) and G worst (a red label). Categories A+ and A++ distinguish particularly energy-saving products.

As products become more energy efficient, higher categories such as A+++ may be added in the same colour scheme to the rating scale. Energy saving ratings will also appear in product advertisements.

You do not need to label certain ovens including:

  • portable ovens weighing under 18 kilograms, provided they are not designed for built-in installations
  • microwave ovens and microwave combination ovens
  • ovens with a cavity width and depth of less than 250 millimetres, or that are less than 120 millimetres high
  • ovens without adjustable temperature control