Combined Heat and Power systems for business

Who can benefit from Combined Heat and Power?


If your business works with a demand for electricity and a similar demand for heat in the same or in nearby buildings, you should consider using a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system.

Businesses that will benefit the most from using a CHP system are usually those with a constant heat demand, whether the heat is used as steam for industrial processes, hot water and space heating or used to supply cooling through absorption chillers. Examples might include:

  • the industrial sector - such as paper, chemical and food and drink businesses
  • hospitals
  • residential homes
  • office and tower blocks
  • leisure centres
  • universities
  • retail establishments
  • hotels
  • commercial greenhouses

Individual businesses that do not have a constant heat demand may find that in periods of low demand they are able to export excess heat through a district heating network. As an added benefit, the business may be able to generate revenue from heat sales.