Wind up a limited company that owes you money



Companies go into compulsory liquidation when they become insolvent - that is, unable to pay their debts, or with assets worth less than their debts - and no arrangement has been agreed with creditors.

If an insolvent company owes you money, you can ask the High Court to make a compulsory winding-up order against it. Generally, this only happens after you have exhausted all other ways of recovering your money. See what is compulsory winding up?

You must be owed at least £750, without dispute, before you can ask for a winding-up order. Orders can be requested either by other businesses or individuals.

This guide explains the circumstances under which compulsory winding-up orders can be made - see how do I wind up a company? It also details how creditors can attempt to recover their money through the Courts.

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