NI Small Business Loan Fund


£8 million loan fund for individuals, private companies and social enterprises in the SME and micro enterprise size range and in the start-up or growth phases of development.  Loans are typically unsecured and range between £10,000 and £100,000.

Eligibility criteria: 
  • Businesses applying must be substantially based in Northern Ireland.
  • There must be an identified funding gap in a proposed investment whereby applicants have tried and been unable to raise all required funding from Banks/financial institutions. 
  • Applicants will need to clearly demonstrate their ability to service the loan repayments.
Additional information: 
  • There is a maximum loan amount of £15,000 to start-up enterprises (businesses trading less than two years).
  • Loans are provided on commercial terms with pricing reflective of the risk involved. 
  • Loans are typically unsecured, although personal guarantees may be sought.
Support organisation: 
Ulster Community Investment PLC
0800 988 2879