Seasonal and Sunday trading

Adapt your marketing strategies for seasonal trading


Consumer and retail business are generally busiest and make the most profits at peak seasonal holiday periods, eg Christmas and Easter. By changing your marketing plans at these periods, you can get the most out of your sales and increase your profits.

You can target customers through seasonal marketing campaigns, or special offers during busy times.

Seasonal marketing and sales strategies should:

  • be in place before your peak selling season begins
  • identify which new and existing products will be promoted
  • include plans for designing and producing seasonal advertising and promotional materials

Writing an annual sales forecast and sales plan can help your business control its cashflow and manage the extra costs at busy times. See plan and forecast sales.

Online marketing during seasonal peak periods

Your website should be included in your seasonal marketing strategy, by featuring and promoting specific items. You should add season-specific search engine optimisation terms to your website to help customers find your seasonal promotions. You should also allow for longer delivery times to customers during holiday periods.

Selling and marketing overseas

Christmas and Easter are likely to be good times for selling and exporting goods overseas. Researching overseas markets - and Invest Northern Ireland Support available for exporters - will help your business exploit these opportunities.

Special trading hours during holiday periods

Your business may also be affected by the regulations for special trading hours during holiday periods.

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