Exporting to the USA

Advantages and challenges of exporting to the USA


There are advantages and also potential challenges for NI companies doing business in the USA.

Advantages include:

  • world's largest market
  • world's largest private sector
  • low regulatory barriers
  • minimal language barriers
  • access to global supply chains that can lead to exports for other markets
  • one of the most innovative consumer markets in the world
  • productive and skilled labour force with high mobility
  • ease of doing business due to similar business culture
  • strong rule of law

You should also be aware of some challenges you could face when exporting to the US. It is a large market to do business in which can lead to some unique challenges.

Challenges include:

  • vast regional differences between the 50 markets/states
  • strong competition, causing saturation of products or services
  • high customer service expectations
  • high cost of living in major cities
  • significant time difference (between five and eight hours behind)
  • high cost for business insurance
  • litigation is common
  • expensive and time consuming process for work visas