How to reuse wasted resources in your business

Advantages and disadvantages of trading waste


Before you get involved in a waste exchange programme you should be aware of certain key issues:

  • the type of waste you produce or the type of waste you can use
  • the waste exchange method and associated costs
  • legal and contractual responsibilities such as terms of payment, obligations, material specifications, legal compliance and duty of care

Finding waste streams with exchange potential is becoming easier with the development of web-based exchanges. These enable you to identify potential exchange partners.

To exchange waste legally and safely you must ensure that the business to which you sell your waste is licensed to receive it. You are responsible for the waste until the exchange partner receives it, and are therefore accountable throughout the handling and transport stages.

Finding reliable exchange partners and waste carrier services is a vital part of the waste exchange process.

It is important to have an official contract between yourself and the waste exchange partner, both for those supplying waste or those collecting waste from you.

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