Managing your energy use

Advantages of energy management


Businesses of all sizes can benefit from monitoring and controlling energy use, and conserving energy by putting in place an energy management strategy. To be effective, this must be put in place throughout the business, starting with key decision makers and involving all employees.

Successful energy management combines an effective strategy with the right practical measures. Many of these can be made straightaway and cost little or nothing.

Build the business case for energy management

To make real energy savings, senior management must be convinced that putting in place an energy management strategy will deliver real business benefits. Most organisations can save 20 per cent on their energy bills by managing energy use and investing in cost effective measures.

Business benefits of energy management

Highlight the financial and other benefits when you present the business case for implementing an energy strategy to senior management. These can include:

  • cost savings
  • a possible reduction in Climate Change Levy
  • an enhanced reputation through demonstrating green credentials, giving you a competitive edge
  • certification to ISO 50001 Energy Management System
  • improved working conditions for staff