Managing your energy use

Cutting our energy costs - City Hotel Derry (video)

Case Study

City Hotel Derry is a 158-bedroom hotel, built in 2002, sitting on the banks of the River Foyle. Feargal O'Canain, General Manager of City Hotel, talks about the range of measures put in place to reduce the hotel's carbon footprint and reduce energy costs, with advice and support from Invest Northern Ireland.

Measures such as LED lighting, self-closing windows, an upgraded Building Maintenance System, a robust staff training and engagement programme, and continuous reviews have led to clear benefits for City Hotel in terms of reduced carbon emissions and a healthier balance sheet.

Case Study

Feargal O'Canain

city hotel derry

Feargal's top tips:

  • Engage your staff, get them to buy-in, get them involved in the whole process
  • Look at expert bodies like Invest NI to come along with you and give you the advice you perhaps don't have
  • Monitor what you're doing, set yourself achievable targets, continuously review what you're doing - it's a never-ending process