Use mentoring to increase staff performance

Advantages of mentoring

A well-structured mentoring programme can benefit both your business and your employees.

Benefits of mentoring to your business

Mentoring can:

  • broaden staff's insight into your business
  • increase productivity and improve the mentee's performance
  • help to engage employees, which should lead to better retention levels and lower staff turnover
  • give the mentor a sense of responsibility and the satisfaction of passing on their knowledge
  • build relationships between employees by encouraging the exchange of information and experience

Benefits of mentoring to the mentee

Mentoring can:

  • help the mentee integrate more effectively within the organisation
  • increase mentees' confidence
  • give the mentee a stronger awareness of the culture and objectives of the business
  • allow the mentee to acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses, which can in turn lead to faster learning and personal development

What makes a good mentor?

  • Good communication skills - the mentor will share information with the mentee and should encourage the mentee to develop their own views and opinions.
  • The skills and experience to develop and provide guidance to the mentee - the mentor should be able to clarify the mentee's ideas and help them plan to achieve their goals.
  • Good social skills - the mentor should help the mentee expand their network of contacts by developing networking skills.