Advertising a job and interviewing candidates

Carrying out the job interview


Prepare your questions in advance of the interview. Your aim is to get as much quality information from the candidate as possible to assess if they are right for the job.

  • Welcome the candidate.
  • Introduce yourself and any other people present.
  • Explain the structure of the interview.
  • Outline where the job role fits within the company.
  • Ask questions and allow the candidate time to think and speak.
  • Keep control of the interview and help the candidate focus on the information you need.
  • Ask the candidate if they have any questions at the end of the interview.
  • Explain the next stage in the recruitment process and give an idea of the timescales.
  • Thank the candidate for their time.

Keeping records of the process

  • Write notes about the interview as soon as possible afterwards.
  • Only record what has been said in the interview and how the selection decision was made, not your beliefs or thoughts about the candidate.
  • Candidates who later make a complaint to an industrial or fair employment tribunal have the right to ask for copies of any notes made during the interview. You may need them for defending any possible discrimination case relating to the process.

Only record or keep personal data after an interview if it is necessary and relevant to the recruitment process, or if there is a possibility of a discrimination challenge. Data that is kept should be securely stored.