Selling through online travel agents

Choose an online travel agent to work with


Consider the differences between various online travel agents and hotel booking websites and what they can offer your business. Here is a list of factors that may affect your decision in terms of who you choose:

  • Is there a minimum contract length?
  • What are the contract options (eg partnership, affiliate, reseller etc)?
  • What are the commission rates, set-up costs and payment terms?
  • How do you rate their website (eg design, layout and target audience)?
  • What countries do they market to?
  • What booking platforms do they use (eg website, phone, mobile site, mobile app, affiliates)?
  • What customer payment options do they offer (eg payment terms, booking fee, multicurrency payments, cancellation policies and options)
  • Types of rate and offers (eg room only, packages with meals, advance purchase)
  • Will their booking systems integrate with your systems?
  • What languages do they offer?
  • Do they provide an online reporting system?
  • Will the provide training on their systems? What marketing channels do they use (eg online, outdoor, radio, press, social media etc)?
  • What are their customer communication channels (eg newsletter, social media, app, affiliates etc)?

Remember that you do not need to work with every online travel agent or booking website. Choose the providers that will work best with your business and marketing strategy.